Barbacàn - 2017 - Fracia Riserva
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Barbacàn - 2017 - Fracia Riserva

Chiavennasca (local name for Nebbiolo)

Valtallina, Lombardy, Italy

Brothers Luca & Matteo Sega, working under the watchful eye of their father Angelo, describe what they do as “historical practices,” preserving a cultural identity that predates all of them. Farming in the rugged Alps, these vignerons are as brave as they are impossibly hardworking, all in the service of these ideals. And they do it with the largest and most persistent smiles! Situated in the far eastern Cru of Valgella (one of five Valtellina sub-regions), these are mountain soils—sandy and loamy granites rich in silica and wonderful at banking precious daytime heat. Already, the Nebbiolo of Valtellina wines are famous for being far leaner and more fine grained and delicate than their more famous Piemonte counterparts, but those of Valgella are known as the most elegant and delicate expressions in all of the Valtellina. The classic personality of Nebbiolo is in every bottle with a gentle nuance that is profound. The very virtue of Barbacàn’s location at altitudes of 300-800 meters above sea level means mechanical harvesting, irrigation, tilling, or any modern convenience is impractical or indeed impossible. In 2018 the passion of these farmers and timelessness of their terraced vines earned the Valtellina UNESCO World Heritage Site status, serving as a testament to this remarkable place and tradition. 

Made from 100% Chiavennasca (local name for Nebbiolo) grapes grown organically in Valtellina, Lombardy, Northern Italy. This is top of the line wine coming from their steepest vineyard; long maceration on the skins and aging in big botti. (Vino al Vino)