Bruno Duchêne - 2021 - Collioure Blanc Vall Pompo
Bruno Duchêne - 2021 - Collioure Blanc Vall Pompo

Grenache Blanc

Banyuls, Roussillon, France

In a past life, Bruno Duchêne was a wild mushroom distributor in his native Loire valley. Today, he lives in the town of Banyuls, where he produces dry reds from some of France's hardest to work vineyards. Bruno owns four hectares spread over four parcels, all planted on schist but with enough exposition and micro-climate variations to keep things interesting. Banyuls and the neighboring Collioure's historic vineyards, planted at low density on ancient terraces, are notorious for being extremely low yielding and near-impossible to work mechanically, subsequently leading to an ever-increasing abandonment of these legendary sites. The vines are worked organically, and because of the region's ideal climate, Bruno averages only three sulfur treatments a year (this is an extremely low number). And because odium is not an issue here, copper is never used. (Louis Dressner)

Single parcel of Grenache Blanc tilled by horse and by caterpillar. Only 600 bottles are produced each vintage. Direct-press, fermented and aged in Burgundian barrels.