Cantina Ortaccio - 2020 - Dritto
Cantina Ortaccio - 2020 - Dritto


Lazio, Italy

Massimo Antonuzi and Patricia Montanari started making wine in 2015 in the village of Latera in northern Lazio from some near-forgotten small vineyard parcels, which are more than 70 years old. They planted new vines in 2019. The varietals are traditional and heirloom local varieties - Trebbiano, Procanico, Malvasia, Sangiovese, Greghetto and Ciliegiolo. They are located on a truly volcanic terroir, between 400-550 meters above sea level. Soils are a mixture of tuff, sand and volcanic rock fragments. They are located near Lake di Bolsena, a deep lake of volcanic origin. The soil is rich with mineral content, but lacks organic matter. The wines effortlessly express their unique terroir. They farm using biodynamic principles. Grapes are destemmed by hand and foot crushed before fermentation in fiberglass containers. Wines are generally aged in re-worked oak and chestnut barrels for a minimum of 12 months before bottling and further aging. (SelectioNaturel)

This wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation with 6 months of skin maceration and aged in oak and chestnut barrels.