Marioni - 2021 - Niña
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Marioni - 2021 - Niña

Cabernet Sauvignon & Sauvignon Blanc

California, USA

In 2016, Dan Marioni went to the Coturri Winery, a historic wine making gem in Glen Ellen, to see what harvest was all about and he essentially never left. Dan began working with Nic Coturri, Tony's son, making wines under the Sonoma Mtn Winery label. The duo created a philosophy that honors the new and the old world, while being uncompromising about additions and subtractions in the winery. This challenge blooms a variety of wines and styles that lean into each vintage and work uniquely with each site. In 2019, Dan decided to move on from Sonoma Mtn Winery and launched Marioni Wine. Niña is bright and crisp, with aromatic fruit and pink fleshy grapefruit, but also a nice texture and structure with some peppery moments. (Marioni)

Direct Press onto Sauvignon Blanc Pressed skins, Dry, Neutral Barrel 4 months. Dry, prickly approach with hints of pepper, and peach.