Sunday - Thursday 12pm - 11pm Friday & Saturday 12pm - 12am
Alejandro Fargosonini ★★★★★ 2 years ago "I saw the most incredible mime here. He had a giant oversized notepad and was doing these really gaudy drawings of people. He had an afro, a lot of fake jewelry on, and was gorgeous. We danced deep into the night, no sulfites. The ambience was amazing. I heard Demis Roussos' Una Furtiva Lagrima into Dr. Dooom's No Chorus into Smokey Robinson's Cruisin' into Giancito Sclesi's Aion: I. into Trio of Doom's Dark Prince into Adina Howard's T-Shirt & Panties. The wine selection was amazing and the people were friendly. No one seems to know who the mime was. I read that they have a lot of training, it's very rigorous."