Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have parking?
Absolutely. We share the lot w/ our neighbors La Perla. ONLY park in spots marked LoLo Customers. Don’t get towed please!
What time does the bar open?
12pm everyday. If the door is open, the bar is open.
Do you have WiFi?
Yah. Ask a bartender for the network, laptops closed at 6pm please.
Are dogs allowed?
Definitely! We are a dog forward wine bar. But if your dog is iffy about crowds, children, or other dogs. Best to leave them home.
Are kids allowed?
Sure! But your child is subject to the same rules as the adults are. We are very much a BAR, we get crowded and loud in the evenings and generally not the best environment for kiddos.
Do you have a Happy Hour?
Yuppppp. 4pm - 6pm. Monday through Friday. $2 off glass pours and $1 off package beer. Not unusual for us to open fun bottles for an affordable price either.
Can I bring my own food?
Nah. We have snacks. While there are some exceptions to this rule, please call first.
What if it’s hot, cold, rainy?
We do our best. Heaters in the winter, fans when it’s hot, and our patio is partially covered. Dress for the elements, and when in doubt, sit inside, it’s nice in here.