Adrien Dacquin - 2020 - Intrepide
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Adrien Dacquin - 2020 - Intrepide 

Altesse, Jacquere

Savoie, France

Adrien Dacquin inherited around 2 hectares of vines from his father and grandfather in 2012. After years of reputable work in his vineyards, Adrien met Jean-Yves Perron and Patrick Bouju (who both buy Jacquére from Adrien), which subsequently led to his discovery of unsulphured wine. This sparked a curiosity for vinification in Adrien who then decided to vinify a part of his harvest rather than sell it all. Pristine fruit and vinification in egg-shaped fiberglass vats allow Adrien’s wines to clearly express the place that they come from. (Buvons)