Alta Marfa - 2021 - Helping Hand
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Alta Marfa - 2021 - Helping Hand

Gruner Veltliner

Texas High Plains, USA

“In our own vineyard we are learning to farm in a way that promotes soil health and minimizes degradation of the environment. We believe that this approach to farming results in the most delicious wine, the longest lived vines and the happiest farmers. Our goal is to seek out, partner with, learn from, and help develop other farmers who share these same values. The intent of our wines is to make any drinker feel welcome, excited and interested, whether they be new to wine or the most seasoned wine nerd. All our wines are always spontaneously fermented. We never fine, filter, or acidify. We strive to make wines that are unique to our region and showcase the diversity of the area we call home.
We currently have two vineyards. Our first vineyard planted in 2019 on Blue Mountain Trail, and the second is our home vineyard the “Grand Prix.""

Vineyard: Kubacak Vineyards, Texas High Plains AVA, Lynn County. Grapes see 48-hour skin contact.
(Alta Marfa)