Andrea Scovero - 2019 - Rosato
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Andrea Scovero - 2019 - Rosato


Piedmont, Italy

Andrea Scovero is a third generation winemaker from Bionzo, located in the tiny village of Costigliole d’Asti, about 7 miles south of the town of Asti, 170 miles above sea level. It is situated in a natural amphitheater, a ciapin, that naturally provides a balance of exposure and protection for the vines. He produces several wines all from local varietals. The vines from the ciapin are 40-45 years old planted by his grandfather, who he learned everything from. Andrea’s story is the story of research, accuracy, and a certain obsession of quality. As he says, the reason is simple: the wine he produces is the wine he is drinking himself. Andrea is in love with his land, the work, and the people. He crafts wines with the attention and meticulousness of old times, mostly alone, with great effort and with the satisfaction of having created something. The wines are alive and real with intense, refined, delicate, and robust flavors. (Critical Mass)