Balog Àrpàd- 2018 - Kadarka
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Balog Àrpàd - 2018 - Kadarka


Csongrád, Hungary

Balog Àrpàd grows vines and makes wines in a way that respects nature as well as the rich history of winemaking in Hungary that dates back to the Roman Emprie. His cellar is located on the Great Hungarian Plain in a small village, Hódmezővásárhely, near the borders with Serbia and Romania. His vines are not far to the north, in between the town of Csongrad and the tiny village of Bokros, about 140km southeast of Budapest near the River Tisza. The area is characterized as clay grasslands and much of it has been wild for decades, creating a stark contrast with Balog’s beautifully cultivated vines. His winery and wines also provide a welcome relief from large scale operations that plague this and frankly too many wine regions. In keeping with the traditional growing methods, Balog’s wines see no chemical additions or synthetic amendments. Only naturally occurring sulfur and copper are used when needed, and this rejection of additives remains constant in the cellar as well: no sulfur is added during wine-making. (Critical Mass)