Brand - 2020 - Flat Nat
Brand - 2020 - Flat Nat


Pfalz, Germany

Exceptional natural wines from Germany! The brothers Brand, Daniel, and Jonas have quickly brought attention to the far northern Pfalz, a cool-climate, limestone-rich, yet otherwise overlooked region. These fifth-generation winemakers took over the family winery from their father Jürgen in 2014 – with his support, they expanded from 12 to 18ha and transitioned production to fully certified organic growing and making 100% natural. The Pur has no sulfites added and is the transparent expression of the grape and terroir.

Bockenheim has a cooler climate than most of the Pfalz (therefore the grapes ripen slower). The weather in their area is influenced by the Donnersberg mountain (around 650m high) which shields them from incoming weather systems, the wind is then funneled down two valleys which means it is fairly breezy and this helps keep the vineyards free from mildew. (Massey)

A collaboration between Vin des Potes (Basile and Yoan) and Brand Bros, AKA Daniel & Jonas, who produce natural wines in Bockenheim, Germany, with precision and respect for their land. "Flat Nat" is a "Pet Nat" bottled slightly later!