Domaine Chèrouche - 2018 - Arvine Echert
Domaine Chèrouche - 2018 - Arvine Echert

Petite Arvine, Amigne

Valais, Switzerland

Marc and Andrea met while working harvest with a domaine in the Lavaux near Lausanne back in 2007, and since then, began working on the idea of farming and making their own wines together. Domaine de Chérouche (lieu dits who translate for "under the bedrock”) began in 2010, when they found small isolated vineyards that they could work by hand following their philosophy. Being as far away from your neighbours is primordial in Valais, as working the steep slopes is evidently extremely hard. As of 2017, they now look after 8 plots, all located in Ayent, on a mixture of schist and quartz soils. Altitudes are between 550-850, with often up to 30-35% gradient slopes. They work with local varieties Arvine, Amigne, Paien & Chasselas, but also some international varieties such as Chardonnay, Gamay and Pinot Noir. (Newcomer Wines)

Take a rare dive into the indigenous varieties of Switzerland...85% Petite Arvine and 15% Amigne in this profound and supple white of Marc Balzan and Andrea Grossmann. (Thirst)