Domaine des Sarradels - 2016 - Taronja Ox (500mL)
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Domaine des Sarradels - 2016 - Taronja Ox (500mL)


Roussillon, France

After having been a sommelier for a long time in several establishments, Rémi Koval is embarking on the production side. Located in Saint-Paul de Fenouillet, in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, the Domaine des Sarradels covers several dozen hectares. He only vinifies part of it and sells the rest. Discreet, there is not so much information available on Rémi, But what we can tell you is that he is a winegrower who works well, he does not add junk during vinification. The vineyard has been certified organic since 2016. Created from the recovery of 6.5 hectares of old vines on the highest pass of the village the domaine counts with a particular cellar with the bare necessities. Rémi creates a collection of fantastic wines with minimal intervention, no finning, no filtration and no sulphites added. (Vin Satori)