Domaine du Possible - 2021 - Le Fruit du Hasard
Domaine du Possible - 2021 - Le Fruit du Hasard

Carignan, Syrah

Roussillon, France

Nestled in the tiny village of Lansac, Domaine du Possible is the brainchild of Loïc Roure. In 2003, Loïc scrapped his initial plan of opening a restaurant/winebar/retailer, deciding instead to start his own estate. Starting out with vines in Latour de France, he soon expanded with land closer to Lansac. He also recently purchased four hectares in Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes, a half an hour drive from the Agly Valley. The estate now consists of 10.2 hectares spread over many parcels and communes, all falling under the Côtes du Roussillon AOC. Loïc works and used to live in Lansac's old cave cooperative, purchased in 2003 with his friend and fellow vigneron Edouard Laffitte (who vinifies there for his own estate Le Bout du Monde). The cave had been abandoned since 1990, so a lot of renovation work had to be done. As well as completely redesigning the cellar, Loïc converted the top floor into a large live-in loft and an art studio for his girlfriend. (Louis Dressner)

Fruit du Hasard translates to "Fruit of Chance", an expression meant to celebrate the good things that come to us by complete chance.