Domaine Mada - 2021 - Khallina White

Domaine Mada - 2021 - Khallina White

50% Clairette Blanche, 50% Terret Blanc

Languedoc, France

Domaine Mada has been producing wines since 2016 and is headed by Edouard Adam. Born in Tunisia, Adam originally studied commerce in Montpelier but decided to take a break when he found himself unhappy with his studies. His girlfriend’s parents owned a bed and breakfast and some grape vines in the Languedoc, so he left Montpelier to help out with the upcoming harvest. Through his father-in-law, Adam soon found a passion for winemaking and decided to pursue the field of oenology. Upon finishing his studies, Adam’s father-in-law gifted Adam the small vineyard, along with the adjacent olive trees. Now 28 years old, the young winemaker cares greatly for his vineyards’ ecosystem, paying special attention to the natural flora and fauna, allowing them to thrive and grow freely throughout the vines. With such a holistic approach, there are no chemicals used in the gardening, and grapes remain with their stems through the vinification to give a full picture of his work. He says: “je me fais chier à faire pousser des raisin sur des grappes, c’est pas pour égrapper,” which politely translates to: “I don’t grow grapes on the vines just to have them be destemmed.”

Clairette Blanche and Terret Blanc grapes were harvested by hand. Fermentation with indigenous yeast and macerated on the skins for 7 days before being pressed into old oak barrels where it aged. Bottled with no fining, filtration or added sulphur. (Diversey wines)