Domaine Rougeot - 2020 - Pommard Clos des Rose

Domaine Rougeot - 2020 - Pommard Clos des Roses

Pinot Noir

Burgundy, France

In the center of Meursault village, Pierre-Henri Rougeot has been quietly producing impeccable, minimal intervention, low-sulfur wines since he returned to the family domaine in 2010. The 18th century stone cellar was originally built for the Hospices de Beaune to press fruit from the adjacent orchards, and was purchased Pierre-Henri’s great-great-grandfather in the 19th century. Today, the orchards have been transformed into an elegant garden and stamp-sized monopole vineyard, and the cellar has been renovated to comfortably hold two vintages from Rougeot’s 13 hectares of vines in and around Meursault. Pierre-Henri’s experience traveling throughout France gives him a unique vision that hews strongly to Burgundian tradition, marked by a soft touch inspired by the vins natures made by his friends in Saumur, Cahors, and beyond. Today, the Rougeot vineyards are farmed organically, and Pierre-Henri’s minimal sulfur vinification effortlessly balances a natural wine approach with traditional Burgundian technique to create wines with energy and balance. While all of the wines are vinified sans soufre, each barrel is tasted regularly throughout élevage. Small amounts of SO2 are added when needed to individual barrels. When possible, Rougeot keeps each barrel completely sans soufre and bottles it under the alternate diagonal stripe label, though these quantities are always very limited for the village and premier cru wines. (Paris Wine Co.)

The Clos des Roses vineyard is located just below the village of Pommard, surrounded by stone walls on three sides and the small stream L'Avant Dheune on the other. The official name of the parcel is Rue au Porc (Pig Street), or possibly Rue au Port (Port Street), due to its proximity to water. Aged 12-18 months in 1 to 5-year-old oak barrels.