Fabio Gea - 2019 - Onde Gravitazionali
Fabio Gea - 2019 - Onde Gravitazionali 

Barbera, Nebbiolo, wild grapes

Piedmont, Italy

His name is Fabio Gea and he is making delicious wines from small parcels in Barbaresco. The land comes from his maternal grandfather Pòtu, (diminutive for Giuseppe in dialect) and is centered around different parts of Barbaresco, mostly near the Bricco. During his grandfather's time, the vines were still in polyculture, although he was apparently an expert who at one time had over 200 grape varieties on his land. But the winemaking and vineyard care skipped a generation and most of the plots became semi-abandoned. Fabio, after receiving his doctorate and working as a successful geologist for corporate companies for a number of years, decided to leave that world and reprise the family winemaking tradition. He also started bringing the vineyards back into shape. This wine is called "Gravitational Waves" and Fabio likens it to a "surfer wine" or "Fonzi jumping over the shark in Happy Days" (we couldn't make this up if we tried). The idea is for Fabio to ride the wave of the vintage and follow his instincts. (Louis Dressner)