Fable Farm - 2019 - Pan Red
Fable Farm - 2019 - Pan Red

50% Frontenac Noir, 50% Marquette

Barnard, Vermont, USA

Fable Farm is located in the piemonte, or foothills, of the Green Mountains in Barnard, Vermont. Situated at 1700 feet, atop the Broad Brook watershed, our farm is a mosaic of fields, forests, and gardens rich with ecological diversity. Fable is a farm, a fermentory, a venue, and a culinary company providing farm-fresh prepared foods for various events held on the farm.

Herein rests a wine made from the juice of 50% Frontenac Noir and 50% Marquette grapes harvested from Lincoln Peak Vineyard in New Haven, Vermont. Fermented and aged for 18 months in neutral oak barrels and then bottled still. (Fable Farm)