Fra I Monti - 2020 - Bianco di Civita

Fra I Monti - 2020 - Bianco di Civita


Lazio, Italy

Founded in 2018, run by partners Rocco and Benedetto Leone, who also run a natural wine store. They acquired a picturesque old vineyard, surrounded by chestnut trees, containing old vines of the native grapes like Maturano and Fiano, and some Semillon and Merlot, brought to Lazio by Napoleonic soldiers. Soils are clay and silt, with a high concentration of calcium. Viticulture is completely organic, and in the cellar fermentations are spontaneous, with no additives, and white wines are aged in amphorae. These wines are very special, and in very tiny quantities. The grapes see 8 days of skin contact in open vats and then the wine ages in amphora, where it undergoes malolactic fermentation. (SelectioNaturel)