Francois Séhédic - NV - Cidre Brut
Francois Séhédic - NV - Cidre Brut

Blend: 30 heirloom cider varieties, including Rouget de Dol, Locard Vert, Douce Moen, Pomme Poire, Marie Menard, Douce Coëtligné, Petit Jaune, Jurella, Judaine, Judor, Inra 1364, etc.

Brittany, France

The Séhédic family has been producing cidres from traditional Breton apple varieties since 1950, with the second generation Marie Laure Sehedic and her husband Christian Danielou now running the certified-organic family orchards and cider making. Their Brut Cidre is made from 30 heirloom apple varieties in a refreshing sparkling style. (Rock Juice Inc.)