Jérôme Lambert - 2021 - Le Zu Defruit
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Jérôme Lambert - 2021 - Le Zu Defruit


Anjou, Loire, France

Jérôme Lambert tends a couple of hectares of vines near Rablay-sur-Layon in a part of Anjou that is undoubtedly one of the Loire’s great terroirs. Jérôme is a true Angevin, born in the area but not to a family of vignerons, his love of wine grew naturally. As a teenager he would pick leftover grapes, stomp on them and wait to see what would become of the fermenting juice. For over a decade he farmed small parcels that totalled less than a hectare of vines, making wine guided by nothing but instinct and the occasional advice from locals such as Richard Leroy. Jérôme now farms a total of four hectares of vines dotted around the countryside. He has worked organically from the outset and has been making wine without any additions for several decades. (Tutto Wines)

The Grolleau ferments with whole bunches for a fortnight, before being pressed off to rest for nine months in fiberglass vats.