Les Cigales Dans La Fourmiliere - 2021 - Escarpolette Blanc
Les Cigales Dans La Fourmiliere - 2021 - Escarpolette Blanc

Grenache Blanc, Muscat

Languedoc, France

Les Cigales dans la Fourmilière is the domaine of Ivo Ferreira and Julie Brosselin who live in Montpeyroux in the Languedoc. Julie Brosselin’s Languedoc domaine is quite new, although she has plenty of experience, having previously been a partner in Le Petit Domaine. And it is not surprising that Ivo is turning out amazing wines when he has worked with such legends as Jean-Marc Brignot from the Jura (now working on a vineyard in Japan) and Jean-Pierre Amoreau from Bordeaux which explains why he is making an elegant old-vine Merlot called L’Enchanteur. Some of the following wines were produced by either Julie or Ivo separately, but more often now they are a joint venture. They both work in the vineyards together rather than working on their separate patches. They also work together in the cellar making the wines, but Ivo has the final say over his cuvées and Julie determines the final character for hers.

This wine sees two weeks on the skins; plenty of freshness to go along with a bit of tannin and weight.