Les Maison Brulees - 2020 - Maison Bullees
Les Maison Brulees - 2020 - Maison Bullees

Sauvignon Blanc

Loire, France

Paul and Corinne Gillet were originally cavistes in Alsace (Mulhouse), then they lived abroad a few years, managing a restaurant in Argentina between 2007 and 2011, where they looked for a winery, but this was not so easy to start something there, so they came back in France. Paul followed a wine school in France, then he was a trainee at Bruno Schueller whom he already knew at the time he had a wine shop (he used to sell his wines). Paul & Corinne search for a wine farm led them to this corner of Touraine, where the environment and living conditions were fitting with what they were looking for. (Wine Terroirs)