Maria & Sepp Muster - 2017 - Sgaminegg
Maria & Sepp Muster - 2019 - Sgaminegg

Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

Styria, Austria

Inspired by encounters with biodynamic agriculture and several years spent in India and Australia, the couple knew this was the only way they wanted to farm when taking the helm of the estate from Sepp’s father in 2000. “We discovered quickly that the soil is where everything begins. Vitality in the soil leads to vitality in the plant, and ultimately, in every bottle of wine,” Sepp explains their simple yet complex philosophy. Since the vineyards have never seen any herbicides or pesticides, the conversion went rather smoothly, and the vineyards have been certified by the Demeter Association since 2003. “Caring for our vines is like caring for a friend – we support them where we can with biodynamic preparations and teas, and in exchange, they provide us with small and highly aromatic grapes,” they muse. And like in true friendship, there’s also freedom, and a touch of uncertainty about what the future holds: “Nature is unpredictable, and having a strict plan does not always work in humans’ favor. Understanding that allowed us to accept and balance this lack of security, and we feel that we have grown more open and aware because of it,” Maria attests to their belief that nature can’t be controlled, only worked with.

Sgaminegg is an old Slavic term for the stony soil in this area. The grapevines for this wine will always be rooted in pure Opok, elevated slightly higher than most of our vineyards, therefore cooled by the winds coming from the nearby Koralpe mountains. Rooted deeply in the meager, cool stone, the vines develop complex aromas present in every Sgaminegg wine. (Jenny & Francois)