Mas Pas Res - 2020 - Derriere la Cravate Rose
Mas Pas Res - 2020 - Derriere la Cravate Rose

Cabernet Sauvignon

Languedoc, France

40 km from Montpellier, Mas Chinon is located between vineyards and scrubland, equidistant from the villages of Gignac and St Bauzille de la Sylve. This is where the Mas Pas Res is vinified. This Languedoc farmhouse, the central part of which dates from the 13th century, enjoys a remarkable geographical location in the heart of the Hérault valley. The stables, the bread oven and the cellar where Julien Trichard & Sara Hernandez vinify are original and in perfect working order. In 2009, after having spent nearly 10 years in the vineyards and cellars of others, Julien launched himself and finally decided to make his own wine. Rather cautious by nature, Julien and Sara initially decided to keep their respective jobs and take advantage of their free time to set up this small farm. First lease of 3 ha, followed by another from the second year, acquisition of winemaking and viticulture equipment, rental of a cellar, and very quickly the first harvest and the first bottling. They are currently working on 11 ha, half of which is vinified at the cooperative cellar of St Bauzille de la Sylve for the organic cuvée. (Boutique O Champs)

Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon from an old school couple making no compromise wines deep in Languedoc.