Maurizio Ferraro - 2018 - Solo Vino Ruché
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Maurizio Ferraro - 2018 - Solo Vino Rucche


Piedmont, Italy

Maurizio Ferraro winery's history began in 1819, as witnessed by the notarised act that Maurizio still treasures, with the barter of a donkey, a rather precious commodity at the time, for a small vineyard by Maurizio’s great-great-great grandfather by the same name. In 1913, following the devastating onset of the phylloxera epidemic, much of the Ferraro family was forced to emigrate to America, leaving only Pietro, Maurizio’s grandfather who was only 14 at the time, to tend to the family’s vineyards.Maurizio unites a rock-solid technical background - he graduated from the prestigious Alba Oenological Institute - with the wisdom born out of generations of viticulture and winemaking. Maurizio, after taking the reins of the farm in the late 90’s, begins approaching organic farming in 2001 as a way to preserve its ecosystem’s vitality. In 2006 Maurizio leaps into natural winemaking, releasing all of his wines with no added SO2, no filtration, and using native yeast to trigger fermentation. (Primal Wine)