Romuald Valot - 2021 - Qui L'Eut Cru
Romuald Valot - 2021 - Qui L'Eut Cru


Beaujolais, France

Originally from Burgundy, Romauld Valot has spent the past decade forging a new path in the remote hills of the Beaujolais. Born into a family of vignerons, he spent decades working for classic producers in Burgundy and was left disenchanted by the amount of chemicals used in the vineyards and the tricks being played in the cellar. In 2013 he bought a small cottage, cuverie and three hectares of vines in the hills above Beaujeu, way out in Beaujolais’ west. The vines are planted over granite and are a hundred years old. At five hundred metres above sea level, they are amongst the very highest in the region. Romuald practices his own extreme take on organic agriculture. Refusing to spray even copper and sulphur on the vines, he experiments without ploughing or pruning in some parcels. In the event he does treat the vines, he does so with his own infusions of wild plants, which he gathers and mixes with spring water, whey and clay. (Tutto wines)

Another original blend, this time of old vines Gamay planted over granite and quartz on the steep slopes of Chiroubles and Chénas. At just eleven degrees of alcohol, this pale, limpid wine is incredibly lively and invigorating, combining raspberries, smoke and minerals to dizzying effect. (Tutto Wines)