Tutti Frutti Ananas - 2021 - Sparkling LLOPIT
Tutti Frutti Ananas - 2021 - Sparkling LLOPIT


Roussillon, France

Tutti Frutti Ananas is a collaborative project originally founded by three vignerons in Collioure and Banyuls: Manuel di Vecchi Staraz of Vinyer de la Ruca, Zé Tafé of La Cave des Nomades and Joachim Roque of Domaine Carterole (Tafé has since exited the project). As the three produce very limited quantities of wine from their respective estates (the steep schist hills of Collioure/Banyuls are notoriously low-yielding), the goal of Tutti Frutti Ananas was to make a more approachable expression of the area's local terroirs. The idea came about when Joachim, local to the area and whose family had worked with the cave cooperative for years, retrieved an additional eight hectares of vines. Rather than entering them into the coop, he proposed to his friends to start a new venture. Unlike the vines they work for their estates, most of the fruit comes from the neighboring sector of Saint-André. These parcels can be worked mechanically and the soils of decomposed schists, quartz and sand are higher yielding than the traditional terraced vineyards on pure schist. Manuel and Joachim also contribute fruit from their parcels in Collioure, most notably for "Magrano" and "Mirtillo". Joachim is responsable for most of the farming and Manuel is in charge of the vinifications. The hodgepodge name Tutti Frutti Ananas is inspired by the collaborator's diverse backgrounds: Manu is Italian, Zé Portuguese and Joachim French, though he would consider himself Catalan. In such, all the wines bear the names of fruits in their native tongues of Italian, Portuguese and Catalan. They are fermented naturally and bottled unfiltered with little to no sulfur added only at bottling. The wine's label clearly indicates if S02 was used or not; at this point the whites tend to see a gram at bottling while the reds are always bottled without sulfur. (Louis Dressner)