Vouette & Sorbée - 2018 - Blanc d'Argile
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Vouette & Sorbée - 2018 - Blanc d'Argile


Aube, Champagne, France

Tucked into the southeast corner of Champagne is the Aube, which over the past decade has emerged as a source for some of the region’s most distinctive and exciting Champagnes. While the Aube’s emergence has been very recent, the seeds for its flowering were planted in 1986, when the area’s spiritual father, Vouette & Sorbée’s Bertrand Gautherot, began tending his vines in the village of Buxières-sur-Arce. But it was not until 2001 that Gautherot actually bottled his first domaine Champagnes, capturing the attention of collectors and launching the Aube on its ascendence. Throughout his long career, Gautherot has been, first and foremost, a grower. Gautherot’s five-hectare estate is named after his two primary vineyards: Vouette on Kimmeridgian soil—the fossilized oyster-laden marl that it shares with Chablis—and Sorbée on Portlandian soil, also found in Chablis, further up the slope. (Rare Wine Co.)

Blanc d'Argile is a cuvée which was produced for the first time in 2004, from a single plot of Chardonnay with a cold microclimate, located between forests and pastures at a place called Biaune. The clay-limestone geology of the Kimmeridgian accentuates the salinity of the locality. The selection of Chardonnay de Chablis plans allows this champagne to be matured with the idea of a very great Burgundy wine. It comes from the 2018 harvest and was disgorged on November 2, 2020.